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MREL blasting instrumentation department manufactures the most popular and efficient families of continuous velocity of detonation (VOD) meters. These rugged and reliable instruments are used by blasting companies and explosives experts throughout the world to verify explosive performance and delay times between blasts. Two of these loggers can also be used as high-speed portable meters for recording vibrations, pressures and temperatures, etc.

MREL blasting instrumentation department has portable high-speed digital video cameras for explosives experts. Each camera is supplied with the ProAnalyst Motion program, which allows the calculation of the delay time between holes and face velocities. Also available is Blaster’s PWT radio remote control system to operate the cameras from a safe distance.

MREL blast instrumentation department manufactures the StrataCam blasthole inspection camera, used to have a clear and precise view and/or recording of the geological location of boundaries and the quality of strata, coal seams, of water, fractures with ingress of water, fractures of the hole, cavities and irregularities.